Sailboat Winter Cover-Boom Tent Style

Kinder Industries winter covers are fabricated to last longer than anything else on the market.  Made with the most durable fabrics, thread and construction techniques, this cover will protect your investment better than any alternative, at a price point that provides a better value than shrinkwrapping every year.  The environmental benefits are just the icing on the cake.



The Kinder Industries boom tent-style winter cover provides an excellent combination of durability, coverage and affordability for your sailing vessel.  By using the boom as the support frame, snow and rain are shed easily.  A line from the gooseneck to headstay keeps the cover taut over the foredeck.  The cover includes at least six vents to eliminate mold and mildew, a zippered access door and ample reinforcement at all wear points.  This cover is built to last!  Fabricated with non-abrasive Boat shrunk Canvas, which shrinks 5% to ensure a no-flapping fit.  Available with and without toe rail skirt.

See our why choose a KI winter cover page for more details and a cost comparison to shrink-wrapping.

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