Pearson 365

This Pearson 365 boom tent style winter cover.  This winter cover is fabricated using a Polyester fabric called Top Gun.  The cover is delivered with four vents a fully finished skirt, entryway door and secure tie-downs.  The Pearson 365 winter cover is fabricated in a two piece construction.



The Kinder Industries boom tent-style winter cover provides an excellent combination of durability, coverage and affordability.  By using the boom as the support frame, snow and rain are shed easily.  A line from the gooseneck to headstay keeps the cover taut over the foredeck.  The cover includes at least six vents to eliminate mold and mildew, a zippered access door and ample reinforcement at all wear points.  This cover is built to last!  Fabricated with non-abrasive Boatshrunk Canvas, which shrinks 5% to ensure a no-flapping fit.  Available with and without toe rail skirt.